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Welcome to Jurassic Ba-Gawk!

Written by Adam Savage in category 
March 18, 2016

Science is slowly moving us ever closer to recreating dinosaurs so we can put them into a an amusement park that will have a catastrophic attraction control issues.

Science has made it possible to revert a chicken’s leg into it’s dinosaur state by altering the genes of the embryo in the egg. A (mostly like wrong) summation is the chicken’s dino ancestors had longer fibulas that connected to the ankle, the modern chicken, however, has a fibula that stops before connecting to the ankle. Scientist manipulated the embryo so that it would have the longer fibula connecting to the ankle of their ancestor.

Chickens have long been seen as a gateway back to dinosaurs. The team of scientists behind this experiment have a history with chickens and dinosaurs. Previously they had removed the features in a chicken’s toe that allowed it to perch.  Last year a team of scientists from Yale produced a chicken with a dino snout.

Currently the experiments have terminated their creations before hatching, wanting the data over a dinochinken. However, there are some, like renowned scientist Jack Horner the technical advisor for the Jurassic Park films among them, who see using chickens to recreate a full dinosaur one day.  At this rate though we may not get an amusement park, but dinonuggets instead.


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