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Russia Makes Tanks for the Call of Duty

Written by Adam Savage in category 
September 5, 2015

Russia recently debuted the Kurganets-25, a cross between an armored truck and a full battle tank. It can carry 8 troops in addition to the three-man crew.

On top it sports a machine gun, 30-mm cannon and potentially four anti-tank missiles. It is said to have “some amphibious ability”, which is vague and leaves you wondering just where does its amphibious ability end and its sinkability begin. It can also reach a high speed of 50 MPH. All this, however, is not what makes it special. That would be the controls or in this case controller. The steering wheel of this massive metal monster has been replaced with a controller similar to that of a Sony PlayStation. A vice president for the company making the vehicle said that not only is the controller easier for todays Millennial soldiers to familiarize themselves with, but it is also safe as impacts with the steering wheel can cause serious injury in a crash. There is no word yet on Russia’s efforts to create save points in the battlefield to further assist these Call of Duty veterans to the real world army.


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