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Russians Want to Fly MiGs and Other Obvious Facts

Written by Kristen Anderson in category 
April 18, 2015

Website fixr.com recently released a look at what costs countries were obsessing over. They examined the results for a Google autocomplete of the phrase “how much does a * cost in [insert country name]”. Some results were less than surprising. The United Arab Emirates, UAE, one of the richest countries on the planet, wanted to know the cost a Ferrari and Kuwait, a super-rich neighbor, wanted to know the cost of Lamborghini because of course they did. Meanwhile, nearby war-torn Syria wanted to know about the cost of a simple loaf of bread because see war-torn at the start of the sentence.

cost-obsessions-mapNeighbors Australia and New Zealand should talk because Australia is looking for the cost of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and New Zealand is looking for the cost of vasectomies. I think they can solve each other’s problems. The US wanted to know the cost of a patent because capitalism and the French wanted to know the cost of a croissant because they’re French. Other results ranged from practical (Luxembourg-Diesel, Cameroon-Build a House) to the random (Japan-Watermelon, Serbia-Big Mac) to the amusing (Armenia-Carpet, Monaco-To Moor a Yacht) to the worrying (Iran-Kidney, Mauritania-Slave). But Russia went with all of the above by as one nation wondering what it cost to fly a MiG. MiG is the Russian fighter jet series, the equivalent of the American F-series. On the one hand there is an awful lot of awesome in the entire country asking about flying fighter jets, but at the same time with their recent jingoistic rhetoric it does cause concern. It plays well on Russian stereotypes, especially the post-Cold War stereotype of Soviet era military equipment going to the highest bidder. It also makes you wonder, “Are they asking because they as collective, including government, don’t know if they can afford to fly their own planes?”

The fixr.com piece is a follow up to one it had done completing the same phrase for each state capitol. Bismarck, North Dakota, why are you searching for the price of a minor? I never thought we would have to make an entire city register as a sex offender. Bad Bismarck, bad city, no treat for you.



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