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Mothballing Cocaine

Written by Adam Savage in category 
November 11, 2015

Colombia moved one step closer to halting their controversial herbicide initiative in their against coca growers.

Coca plants are used to make cocaine, which according to Rick James “is a hell of a drug”. The herbicide currently used by the Colombian government, glyphosate, is carcinogenic. In an effort to make their population less tumor filled, they are now looking into a more organic solution, moths. Or more accurately moth caterpillars. The moths lay their eggs on the coca leaves and then when the lava hatch as caterpillars the little guys are hungry and eat 1.5 times their own weight in leaves. When all is said and done no leaves are left to make the cocaine. Issues such as how the moths/caterpillars would be introduced as the government continues to investigate the potential environmental impact of such a program. After all, they don’t want to end up like Australia and their rabbits. For now though it looks like the war on drugs might be getting a little more eco-friendly.



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