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Honey, The Domino’s Delivery Bot is Here

Written by Adam Savage in category 
March 21, 2016

Domino’s is at it again, sort of. Just last year they made it so you could Tweet an order and now they’re taking automation a step further, it’s just not exactly the same Domino’s.

Domino’s Australia has partnered with Marathon Robotics, an Australian based firm that has been the main provider of autonomous robots for the Australian Defense Force, to form the Dominos Robotic Unit (DRU). They have also consulted with Queensland Department of Transport and Roads to make sure the DRU mets any and all legislative requirements. Currently the DRU is operating only on restricted streets that the Department has permitted in a special permit for the ‘bots operation. During these test it is also in an only semiautonomous mode to ensure that it doesn’t run over a child or a kangaroo or something, after all this testing things happen. Overall it is an awesome step forward to a robotic future that means I no longer have to deal with squish flesh humans when getting pizza.

Now you, the astute reader may have noticed a lot of references to a certain land down under. One where women glow and men plunder so we have been told. That is because it is Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited behind the DRU. So what, they’re the same Domino’s all over? Except they’re not. In America, the original chain is Domino’s Pizza Inc. They sold off the rights to own, operate, and franchise in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Monaco to Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited in 1993. So for all us yanks, even once (if) this ‘bot is perfected don’t expect it to be rollin’ down your street to be deliverin’ some pizza to go with that gin and juice.


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