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Google AI Dreams and Now I Can Never Sleep Again

Written by Adam Savage in category 
October 11, 2015

Google has image recognition software that mimics the neural networks of the human brain because they learned that having image recognition software that mimicked the neural networks of blind sloths wasn’t as effective for some reason.


The team got bored and taught the system how to create its own images of specific objects on request (tell it what you want and it spits out an image that looks like it was made by Dali on a bad acid trip). Still not tired of toiling in realms that man aught not venture, the programmers then fed the program images and asked it what it saw like they were Freud and it was a patient. When they did this with the lower level of the program that mainly IDed edges and the like it left the image with a swirly effect like an Instagram filter. However the real horror came when they asked the top layer to tackle the same task. Now if something in the picture happened to look like a centaur then the computer would enhance that like an episode of CSI with surveillance camera footage. Then the next pass would happen and now the thing that looked like as centaur looks even more like a centaur so the program enhances it once again. And again and again and again. The results with clouds are kind of like a Spencer’s Gifts poster from the 90s aimed at young girls, pretty and shiny. Anything else is an unspeakable mind horror that will haunt me in the dark of the night until my dying day. Thank you Google, thy name is Death destroyer of Sleep.


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