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Do They Have a Slim Pickens Ride?

Written by Adam Savage in category 
June 18, 2015

So Russia celebrated the opening of Patriot Park, the amusement park with the tanks since Donald Duck’s failed coupe at Euro-Disney in 1992.

President Putin also used his appearance at the opening of the park to announce the building of 40 new nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles because everything from the ‘80s is retro now, so yeah. At the park you can buy fridge magnets with fun loving characters that put Mickey and his palls to shame like Josef Stalin (genocidal former dictator of Russia) and Lavernty Beria (the head of the secret police under Stalin. Secret Police head just missing the top five jobs kids want when they grow up). Orwellian overtones aside, I really just want to know if I can ride one of the bombs while waving a cowboy hat.

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