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Pizza’s Only a Tweet Away

Written by Kristen Anderson in category 
May 15, 2015

Dominos Pizza is rolling out a system to allow their customers to order a pizza by tweeting an emoji. The customers would fill out Twitter handle, pizza preference and other relevant details. Then when they tweet the emoji it’s captured and the order created and sent to the local Dominos.

dominosThis is an amazing advancement for munchie satisfaction, but what happens if a kid is playing with their parents’ cell phone? Are the parents on the hook for the three-dozen pizzas junior accidentally ordered? Or what if junior deliberately orders the pizza behind his parents’ back because he doesn’t want the meatloaf they’re having for dinner? Also, do we need to encourage the hermitic inclinations of the socially awkward of the nation? Once the deliveryman is replaced with a drone then all human contact for the orderer is removed…on second thought this a great advancement for mankind. It means I never have to deal with you people again.


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