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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

By  Adam Savage March 25, 2016
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Around here we like to write about artificial intelligence (AI). In fact we beginning to seek professional help for obvious unhealthy fixation and had vowed not to write about it ever again (ever again beginning defined as a couple of weeks). And then Microsoft’s Tay AI Twitter bot happened.

Why the 2016 Presidential Campaign will be like Pro Wrestling

By  Dave Doster March 23, 2016
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I did a Blab the other day with my co-worker, Adam, about the Hulk Hogan/Gawker court case. I knew virtually nothing about the case or Pro Wrestling, but in listening to Adam discuss it, it made me think about how reality TV has changed America, and in particular the 2016 Presidential Campaign. (more…)

How Much Time ARE You Wasting?

By  adminBlue August 18, 2015
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We all waste time. It’s a fact of life. We sit in pointless meetings, we pretend to be interested in our coworker’s daily banter about their kids, and we sure do spend a lot of time in traffic. How much time ARE you wasting? A better question to ask: What could you be doing with that time?

Good news, folks. There’s an app for that! (more…)

Wasting Timer against Time Wasters

By  adminBlue August 9, 2015
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There never seems to be enough time to keep up with our busy life. Some of us have school to attend, homework to do, others have a tight work schedule to follow and a big family to take care of. How we wish there were a few extra hours every day!

But if we think carefully, we would realize that a lot of our time is actually being wasted, either we are forced to do so, or we just can’t resist the temptation of doing so while we should be doing something else that’s more meaningful. Here are some interesting statistics to support my view. (more…)

Pizza’s Only a Tweet Away

By  Kristen Anderson May 15, 2015
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Dominos Pizza is rolling out a system to allow their customers to order a pizza by tweeting an emoji. The customers would fill out Twitter handle, pizza preference and other relevant details. Then when they tweet the emoji it’s captured and the order created and sent to the local Dominos.