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Paint Dippers

By  adminBlue June 25, 2015
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I remember as a kid seeing miniatures in catalogs. They were exquisitely detailed figurines, often of something wicked cool and Sci-Fi. In the catalogs they were painted looked amazing, but if you ever went to a hobby shop you quickly learned that’s not how they came. Instead they came blank and you had to paint them. I always thought this a rip-off, knowing I would never be able to make them look as cool as the catalog picture. (more…)

Do They Have a Slim Pickens Ride?

By  Adam Savage June 18, 2015
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So Russia celebrated the opening of Patriot Park, the amusement park with the tanks since Donald Duck’s failed coupe at Euro-Disney in 1992.

Oh Snap!

By  Adam Savage June 11, 2015
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Oh snap, Major League Baseball (MLB) just joined Snapchat (no jokes about sending ball pics).

Need a Circuit Board? Just Print It.

By  adminBlue June 10, 2015
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3D printing is all the rage in tech circles. It has been used to make houses, guns, ears and more. The printers have been a boon to hardware engineers prototyping new products, eliminating the need to make and break molds. Now the electrical engineers can get in on the act, 3D printing their own circuit boards. A group of students from Waterloo, Ontario have spent the last two years perfecting the circuit board printer. (more…)